Reading Genius 2 0 – The Planets Most Powerful Reading Program


This entire “Reading Genius 2 0 The Planets Most Powerful Reading Program” is completely downloadable and available to you immediately.



What You’ll Discover in Reading Genius 2 0 The Planets Most Powerful Reading Program

Reading Genius 2 0 – The Planets Most Powerful Reading Program

Reading Genius 2 0 – The Planets Most Powerful Reading Program


  1. How does Reading Genius® 2.0 work? How is it different from other reading programs?

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  1. How much improvement can one expect from Reading Genius® 2.0?

Ed Strachar, who made Reading Genius® 2.0 possible, has trained the fastest readers in the world. Individual results would depend on the accuracy of following instructions stated in the program. Just like going to the gym or getting a personal trainer, achieving a healthier and sexier physique would depend on how often the person attends the workout sessions or how well he follows his/her trainer’s instructions. Reading Genius® 2.0 offers very simple directions that when followed accordingly, better reading ability and sharper memory are within reach.

With that being said… 200% improvement in speed with significantly improved comprehension is a minimum. We have it documented numerous times… People have improved 2000% and more… with vastly improved comprehension.

  1. How long do I have to take the course? How long would it take to see the best results?

The entire course can be taken ideally for only half a day, which is about 4 to 5 hours if you do it straight through. With the Reading Genius® 2.0 software tools, you would see noticeable improvement in a few minutes. More improvement than with any other reading software as we make effective use of uniquely designed exercises that train your eyes and brain to read in groups of words ( phrases, and ideas).  The biggest difference is that makes Reading Genius® 2.0 unique is the exercises and instruction that come on the audio CDs… that will teach you a whole lot more. This quality and depth of instructions takes a  few hours. Many other programs advertise improvement in minutes… yes, temporary improvement in minutes.  With Reading Genius® 2.0, you get in depth instruction, aren’t rushed through it or given something that is shallow, short or brief and mostly gimmicks.

  1. Can anyone be a Reading Genius®?

Yes. It’s designed for everyone. Occasionally people think, because of the name, that one must be a genius… No, it’s that one must realize that they have a genius within. That’s what the course helps you to realize. Socrates, Einstein, Galileo and numerous others have stated this timeless truth–“There is a Genius in all of us”.

It’s no myth. Ed has taught Air Force cadets, Youth-at-Risk, 80+ year old students, blind people ( yes no kidding… they learned to read the Braille with their forearm instead of just their fingers) , numerous supposedly learning disabled and many normal people who simply prefer to watch TV and got out of the habit of reading books. All of these people very effectively learned the Reading Genius® method.

Think of it this way, while most people read, they are using a small fraction (less than 5%) of their brain power. With Reading Genius® 2.0, you learn to turn on the other 95% that we all have. When you do, you read better than you ever have in your life.

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  1. If I’m not that fluent in English, will I still benefit from this program?

Yes, the benefits are still attainable as long as you can read and understand basic English. It is normal for ESL (English as a Second Language) students to read English texts slower as they read and do mental translation at the same time. Reading Genius® 2.0 trains one to read groups of words and promotes faster mind processing of information. The level of fluency won’t actually be an issue, provided that the user can understand Ed’s simple instructions. You most definitely can apply the principles to reading in any language you are fluent in.

  1. Will I have a hard time learning from the program if I’m using reading glasses?

Not at all. The eye exercises in Reading Genius® 2.0 help a lot in expanding vision, as proven by past users who stopped using reading glasses once they learned the proper focusing techniques contained in this course. Aside from that, texts are well presented to avoid straining the eyes of the readers.

  1. Are the techniques of Reading Genius® 2.0 applicable to any reading material (e.g. literature or science books)?

Yes. Reading Genius® 2.0 improves your focus; shows you how to turn on your brain power, expand your vision, etc., all of  which make a huge difference in how effectively you read regardless of the material.

  1. Does one have to meet a certain educational requirement to be able to use Reading Genius® 2.0 effectively?

No. Basic reading skills are enough. We do have Reading Genius® for Kids available for younger learners – ages 7-14.

  1. Can I return the product if ever my expectations are not met? Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. We give 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

  1. If I learn to read fast with this product, will my comprehension also improve?

Comprehension, first and foremost is taught with the Reading Genius® 2.0 method.  And the reality is, once you learn thise methods, if you read too slowly, your mind will drift off, so speed must be built up. This comes naturally when you read in phrases and ideas rather than just words.

11) Will the Reading Genius® 2.0 Software tools  work on a Mac?

The Reading Genius® 2.0 Software tools are designed for Windows platforms only. If your Mac is running Windows then yes it can work on a Mac.

Here’s What You’ll Get in The Planets Most Powerful Reading Program

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